Boulder Junction Meat Products


Beef, Poultry, pork & seafood

Whether you’re craving a T-bone, sirloin, ribeye, or New York strip, our meat department is packed with quality Heartland Farm fresh steaks. Heartland Farm also supplies us with fresh pork sirloin roasts, boneless chops, beef chuck roasts, and ground beef, all perfect for grilling.

Poultry options include Amish Farm chicken and Jennie-O brands. Sandwiches wouldn’t be complete without the delicious assortment of shaved and cut lunch meats we offer, or you could always slice your own Kentucky Legend or Badger ham.

We help you bring home the bacon supplied by several local favorites, Usinger’s, Smith Brothers and Nueske’s and also carry sausages and plenty of snack meat sticks.

Looking for breakfast sausage? We’ve got it along with Italian sausage, brats, steak burgers, and a wonderful assortment of seafood, of course – including breaded, cooked, and raw versions of shrimp, scallops, and crab cakes. There are many other types of fish offered as well. Everything from salmon filets to fish sticks. You’ll even find Rushing Waters smoked salmon and salmon spread, & Everett Fisheries smoked white fish, salmon, and lake trout.  Be sure to look in both the refrigerated and frozen sections to find it all.